Exercise: How to Stay Motivated

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Exercise: How to Stay Motivated

Some ways to combat motivation deficit:

l Change it up! Change your exercise routine every four to six weeks by trying a new activity or changing your intensity or time.

l Be accountable! t! Write down your goals and review them daily.

l Visualize! Use photos as a visual aid, i.e., a picture of yourself at your ideal weight pasted on the refrigerator door.

l Plan to succeed! Schedule exercise as you would a business meeting, a doctor’s appointment or other non-negotiable activity.

l Get it every chance you can! If you can’t get in your full exercise time, break it up into 10-minute increments. March in place while watching TV. Run up and down your stairs 20 times. Take the dog for a short walk.

l Make it happen! Wear a pedometer. Challenge yourself to get in a certain amount of steps per day (experts say 10,000 per day is the average of fit people).

l Be relentless! Find an accountability buddy or group. On the days your motivation lags, your friend(s) can be your cheering section. When they’re feeling lazy, you can talk them into working out.